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Reception – Year 4

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Our sessions are all about improving technically, learning new skills and having a good time doing it – this means each player having a ball at their feet for long periods of every single session. Each player having a ball reduces pressure when trying something new and gives them the opportunity to have hundreds (if not thousands) of touches every session.

That’s not to say we’ve forgotten about the important team elements of football! Sessions always start with a fun and social warm-up activity and usually end with small sided games. When we play games we use a maximum of 5-a-side, but 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 are also common. This means each player is more involved and has many more touches of the ball than they would in larger games.

We appreciate that every player who comes to Priority Football is an individual who will learn new skills at their own pace. With this in mind we have produced a creative and fun curriculum which is adaptable in order to engage players of all abilities. This combined with setting individual challenges for players means they their own requirements are met in a way other soccer schools often forget about.

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Our coaching methods are set up to help improve the technical ability of every player. Sessions take a non-competitive approach, with the goal too for the players to improve their technical aspects of the game.

Priority Football has a creative curriculum that is fun and engaging for the players with age appropriate topics which will allow for the children to be focused for the duration of the session. This approach will maximise the growth of the player because the sessions will be planned around the player trying to problem solve. All sessions there will be a ball at the player’s feet for the majority of the session; this lowers pressure for the individual and gives the player the opportunity to have control and ownership of their own learning at whatever speed they think is necessary. The sessions will always start with a fun active social warm up that will have a focus around the physical elements of the players.

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